Recent Sphere projects in the housing and affordable housing sector include:

  • Financial modelling to determine potential leveraging following title transfer to social housing providers.
  • Advice and modelling for many community housing providers across Australia for tenders, NRAS applications and government submissions.
  • Financial modelling to assist community housing providers to raise debt.
  • Financial modelling to calculate government subsidies required to redevelop public housing estates into a mix of social, affordable and private housing.
  • A feasibility study for the development of affordable housing by a local government agency.
  • A review on return on investment of public housing assets over the past 20 years.
  • Advice and modelling for the Commonwealth Government on the use of NRAS and private finance to increase the proportion of social housing provided by the community housing sector to 35%.
  • A technical paper for NSW Shelter exploring the potential for community housing providers to increase social housing stock through leveraging.
  • Assessment of the financial performance of NSW housing providers against the regulatory framework.