Case Studies





New strategy

Strategic directions for an aged care service

A small aged care service provider with residential aged care, community packages and independent living units was concerned about their long term sustainability.

Working closely with the Board and the CEO, our team conducted an organisational review and developed and tested possible future service and accommodation scenarios.

The scenarios were assessed against desired outcomes and a financial model was built to examine their implications and viability.

The study examined issues and options regarding:

  • existing services, property assets and finance
  • changing patterns of demand
  • the local market
  • government policy and funding trends
  • contemporary services and offerings in the sector.

Feasibility analysis

Master plan for residential subdivision

Sphere was a member of a planning team that was asked to develop a master plan for the subdivision of a substantial area of land adjacent to an existing suburb in a major Australian city. The team was asked to also advise on the level of conservation and use of a heritage listed structure in the development area.

The team developed three different conservation plans that ranged from simply stopping any further deterioration of the heritage site to a major conservation and adaptive re-use of it. Sphere worked with the architectural and engineering members of the team in an iterative way to develop master plans that could fund the conservation effort. The project also involved a major community consultation program and further development and financial testing of the master plans was carried out in response to community feedback.


Palliative care service

A large not-for-profit palliative care service required an in-depth evaluation to inform discussions about their funding agreement with the Local Health District.

The independent evaluation undertook comprehensive analysis to assess the service’s results and impacts.

A series of indicators were developed including:

  • efficiency indicators such as unit costing of occasions of care, staffing profile and skill levels, and infrastructure and resources used
  • effectiveness indicators such as quality of patient outcomes, and impact on local demand for acute hospital services
  • appropriateness indicators such as benchmarks of the service against best practice service models, and stakeholder needs analysis.

An important aspect of the evaluation was establishing a quantifiable measure to assist in assessing the contribution of the service to the broader health care sector.


Property development advice

Redevelopment of an outdated large residential centre

A disability service provider initiated a multi-million dollar redevelopment of a ‘large residential centre’. This made way for the implementation of new, contemporary accommodation and support services in the community.

Sphere was the strategic advisor to the Board and the Senior Management on the redevelopment. We assisted our client make informed decisions about this complex and challenging project.

Our multidisciplinary team provided ongoing advice and support on issues relating to project design, finance and change management.

Advice included:

  • options analysis
  • feasibility studies
  • financial modelling
  • business case development

Financial modelling

COAG reforms

Sphere was commissioned to build a financial model to assist the NSW State Government negotiate a national reform agreement with the Commonwealth. The model was used to quantify the long term financial impact to the State of each successive version of the national agreement.

Sphere role included:

  • working with finance and Treasury to determine modelling parameters
  • analysing each successive version of the national agreement and estimating financial impacts to the State
  • building a model that was interactive and allowed decision makers understand the financial implications of different funding scenarios
  • developing options to feed into negotiations   
  • participating in negotiations with the Commonwealth.